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- Belden --- Best Body Man in the area. - - - 10/20/2019 - comment
He is one of the best at what he does. I have no regrets for taking his help. I could not even tell my vehicle had ever been wrecked. Awesome work and excellent prices with quality work.Would totally recommend him for any job you may need.He is the body man. 5 stars plus.

- Buyer Beware!! - - - 11/16/2013 - comment
Purchased from Belden on Gunbroker. We agreed to 6 month layaway with $500 deposit. After a few months Belden became difficult to deal with expecting MONTHLY payments regularly and on specific days decided by his lordship. In between the 5th and 6th month he announced my layaway money, a couple thousand dollars, was forfeit and I no more rights to the weapon we had agreed that I would purchase within 6 months. After much correspondence pleading that we close the deal and agreeing to pay another $1000, he grumpily and cantankerously agreed to close the deal. It doesn't end there though. He shipped my rifle poorly packed in a plain cardboard box. Parts that I confirmed with Belden by e-mail as included we're NOT shipped with the rifle. I don't know why I wasn't surprised when the rifle failed to function properly when I went to fire it for first time. Can you say Lemmon? I got taken by a con artist who knew how to take advantage of Gunbroker's rules. After 90 days from end of the listing, there is no help to be found from Gunbroker and Belden knew this ! Hence the threats of forfeiture and the extortionist bribe it took to close the deal. I know nothing of his body work but I do know enough about his character from dealing with him on Gunbroker to say : BUYER BEWARE !!! I can't say that loud enough.

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