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- Dave's Auto Body - - Michael - 1/1/2020 - comment
Daves Auto Body repaired my car in 1983 for right front end damage. When he brought out my repaired car, a blind man could see how bad it was. I asked him, "What's this?" His exact response was, " This is a production shop " Within one week, his paint fell right off the new fender he put on. When I showed him how the paint fell right off, he said " I didn't make the fender or the paint" He repaired it, but the only reason paint falls off a car, is poor preparation. I had to pay another body shop to repair the rest of his work. Plus, while the car was there for the front end repair, I had Dave take the trunk lid off the car, strip the old paint off, and repaint it. While the trunk lid was off the car, one of his guys spilled used motor oil in the trunk, that I could not readily see with the black rug. Used motor oil is a known carcinogen. When I get my car back from him, I put the brand new playpen and stroller in the trunk, this is when the used oil soaked up onto the playpen and stroller. Both my wife an I told Dave of the damage the used oil did in my trunk, and both times, all he said was "Gee, I'm sorry" $600.00 in damage, and all I got was I'm sorry from him. 25 years ago, my one year old dog got off my property and got hit by a car in a 30 MPH zone. After getting hit, my dog ran home. No damage to the dog. Six months later, I get a bill from his shop for $3400.00 ! He sent the bill six months later because then I could not dispute the amount. There is not a six month old dog on this planet that could do that amount of damage to a car. You cost me thousands of $ Dave. I know he has seen my review, and he knows how much he cost me,and he NEVER made good for it. Dave and I grew up one block apart, we've known each other since we were 10 or 12 years old. 7 of us friends in the neighborhood walked to school every day together AND he was even in my wedding party, and he still cost me thousands, that just shows you the type of person he is. Never use this shop to repair your car.

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