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- Dad let's his own son commit Fraud and Grand Larceny through the body shop business. - - Keith Hafley - 12/23/2017 - comment
My wife and I are both disabled and living on social security disability. I have (had) a 1936 Chevy pickup truck with ALL original metal and a 1962 283 fuelie out of a Corvette. We paid Chris (the son) $22,000 in cash to restore the vehicle. His father brought a trailer to Union, Missouri and took the truck back to the body shop for the restoration. Chris was a personal friend who was having some personal problems to deal with so we weren't constantly on him about the process. He was giving us verbal updates every few months so we thought it was progressing at a slower pace but we're reassured that in return for waiting we were supposed to be getting higher quality work on it. After two years and never having received a single photo of the truck and the restoration project we started pushing the issue to get some took over a year to get some photos of the truck sent to us. All of the time being told that the truck was progressing nicely. After threatening to get a lawyer and Sue them we finally got the photos and we're shocked to learn that the vehicle was almost ready to get the final paint applied. We were in complete shovk when we received the photos of the truck living in pieces in the grass behind a building rusting There was no rust on the truck when they took it and it was assembled. Now I can't get a response from them for any information at all. I have had friends from Paducah go by the shop and have been told that the truck is not there. The belief is that the son has stolen my truck and is using my money hoping to make enough money to pay us back and not go to jail. I'm not going to accept ok. I want what we paid for and agreed on. Still have not received any information at all in over another year!!! Do your self a favor and do not deal with this business. I am not sure how long it will take but I will get my money and truck back or someone will be get prison time!!&

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