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- Crook .Thief Thomas Baca - - - 6/14/2020 - comment
When I dropped my car off it was running driving Truck. 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars later its in 100 of pieces, parts are missing, new engine parts stolen, paint I purchased used on other jobs.I finally bit the bullet and moved it last week. His shop is full of cars he has took money on and wont finish . Will cost me 20g to fix damage he did. I waited 30 years to redo my truck and this troll stole ,lied , and committed fraud. If he owned anything i would sue him but he lives off stealing from his 82 year old fatehr

- Terrible person who runs the shop - - - 10/11/2018 - comment
This guy Tommy Baca,takes the deposit and runs with it.I know first hand from one of the guys who use to work there.The worker worked on car did beautiful job.Tommy Baca ran off with the deposit and the guys pay never paid him.Cars that he took deposits for have been sitting there for years.Then when people come to check progress on their car he closes the door and acts like he's not there.Or if someone said they are comming he takes off.Hes a crook and an idiot.

- don't go there.. you won't see your vehicle for a long time.. - - - 2/22/2013 - comment
This shop don't keep the promised date. They will tell you and promise you that the work will be done in short period of time.. BUT!!! I didn't get mine back until 2 month after.. And mine was just a few pieces of parts. i don't care how hard it is to do the paint job but it sure don't take 2-3 month to do it !!!

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