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- you like paying top dollar for an oil change - - - 12/18/2017 - comment
Do your homework .... don't take my word! They will tell you they winterize /summarize cap off fluids. So does every shop around.... if you feel that VAR is such a special, top of the art and the best most exciting giver of oil changes you've experienced then by all means , if it's worth double your hard earned wages then this shop is for you! Ask them about their loyalty program all the coupons they advertise and write ups on just what a consumer friendly mechanical shop they are!! Good luck with That.... oh and they stole the Viking logo off of another business. Which the original artists gave up collecting royalties for it. Explains their ethnics no?
      - 7/26/2018 - I have to agree with the outrageous fee they charge for an oil change! Yeh I’ve heard that we top off all the fluids, we use synthetic oil and on and on and on. So do all the other shops I’ve used. You may have yourselves and some customers who do not know a thing about oil changes but your sales pitch is getting real old. Oh and if your a female beware... they tend to look at you but not straight into your face...The short one especially. That man is going to joke (he thinks he’s funny) to the wrong person one day. People do your homework... you’ll see the prices they charge are so marked up I’m surprised there has never been a formal complaint. Pay cash you’ll get a price break. That’s a problem. But who am I? I am now an educated former customer. It’s quite disturbing. Don’t get me wrong the brothers are customer friendly... maybe a little too much if you’re a woman. Open your eyes consumers!!

- Viking Auto Rebuilders/Rockaway NJ - - G&J Cianci - 5/8/2013 - comment
No matter what issues we have with our car and especially out F-150 truck these 2 brothers have been their for us no matter what the problem is! There expertise and knowledge is 2 nd to none.. The time in which the vehicle is dropped off and completed is again...2nd to none. The service is friendly and environment is friendly. The cost of materials/ labor more than fair!! We HIGHLY Recommend this business for all of your car needs! It's a pleasure knowing there are businesses that are honest And actually care about the customers needs.

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