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- Lying scum bag - - - 6/27/2020 - comment
If I could give this place a 0 I would. Was told a engine replacement would take a week. Paid 2500 up front to get the work done as this guy is supposed to be my boyfriend's "friend" that we could trust. End of week 1 we call and are told it will be done in a couple days. End of week 2 we just "pop" into the shop because Seth I'd dodging calls and text messages. Our truck hasn't even moved. His worker calls seth and seth calls my boyfriend telling him not to take the truck because he has a bunch of the bolts loosened and the intake off etc. And that the truck won't make it down the road. Also said he would have the new motor installed in 3 days.The other mechanic at the shop along with my boyfriend could tell that not a single bolt was even touched and the mechanic said they didn't even have the new engine there to install. We took the truck home and seth said that he was going to refund the money that night. A WEEK later after numerous calls, texts and lies from seth he finally sends his mechanic to meet my boyfriend with cash. We are still driving the truck ya know the one that wouldn't make it down the road . Even Seth's mechanic said that seth was probably just going to fix a couple issues with the motor to make it seem like it was a different motor because "he has seen him do it before". RUN the other way. Per his mechanic It's not the first time this guy has taken money and not done what he was supposed to do. He will rip you off and lie like crazy. If he would do this to one of his "friends" what do you think he would do to you.

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