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- Loose tire - - Jared Triplett - 10/30/2020 - comment
I took my ACURA MDX to these guys. I have had other items worked on before from them. But I hit an antelope in my MDX and needed the whole front end worked on and repaired. They where quick to get me a estimate and start the work that equalled 5K plus. After about (14) days of delay on a headlight it was fixed. I picked it up and returned home, after a while of driving I started to hear a rubbing. Since I have a mechanical warranty still I decided to take it to Acura to check it out, thought it was a CV joint. Acura preceded to tell me that the last person to work on it did not install the wheel correctly. I thought Mike Scott would own up to the wheel not being installed correctly but instead decided to tell me he never takes wheels off. I had all my front bumper changed my wheel fairings and about all the plastic that exists in the front of the car and around the wheels changed at his shop. But he would hear nothing of it, and told me, he did not take it off and that he has 500$ torque machines at his shop. So it was not him, because it is his policy to not remove tires? It was sad I thought better of a small town shop like his. So in short, check your car if you go here they will not own up their mistakes.

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